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Anni Zola

Hey there! So, you wanna learn more about Anni Zola? You've come to the right place! ;)

So, what is Anni Zola?

Anni Zola is a virtual idol. That means she is an animated cartoon character who sings, dances, and otherwise entertain you like what idols do. She will release songs, music videos, albums, books, CDs, DVDs, merchandises, and many more -- all for the purpose of your entertainment.

But we don't want Anni Zola to be just another virtual idol out there. We're moving forward to a new era that demands new things to be done. We don't want Anni Zola to be just about passive consumption.

For one thing, instead of passive consumption on our user's part, we'd like to foster critical thinking and user participation and interaction. This basically means that we are very conscious of the values we try to implement in the creation of Anni Zola, and we take seriously the power of interacting with our users. This is done through the use of a storyline, told through her blog and throughout various social networks, that would hopefully inspire the audience of Anni Zola, a socially-oriented storyline around which every single one of Anni Zola's products -- from music to merchandises -- revolves.

For another, instead of consumption, we try to foster prosumption, i.e. proactive consumption, or production-consumption. Anni Zola is an open-content project, which means that materials flow freely from both the original creators of Anni Zola and her users. What we are attempting to create is an opposite of the normative walled garden model.

Commonly, it is not legal for you to share and remix those content you consume, and it is hardly possible to have a say in its growth and creation -- think about those cartoons you watch, those music you listen to, or those games you play. Such a model hinders creative production, something that we feel very crucial. Thus, we're doing it differently by using Creative Commons. If you are curious about it, go here.

What's so special about Anni Zola?

The main thing that sets Anni Zola apart from the other virtual idols is the extensive story we have behind our character. Anni Zola is a resident of the fictional planet Orfea of the fictional galaxy Yoomee, with her own journey to undertake and her own dreams to pursue. A rich background, history, and supporting charcters are added to enrich your experience in enjoying Anni Zola. The story will be the main thread running along and connecting each and every part of this virtual idol, including all her songs and product releases. The story is written to inspire, but also to attract your collaborative effort within it.

Anni Zola's universe is an open-source one, meaning, its growth depends on user contributions. Audience are expected to participate in the creation of Anni Zola's galaxy, from creating the species and residents that inhabit it, designing various places, cities, and planets, up to writing substories and offshoots of the main arcs. Challenges and opportunities will occasionally be offered to the user, in which user contributions are tied in as a contest under a certain theme, with prizes being offered to the winners.

Anni Zola's story will be told primarily through her illustrated story blog by Anni herself, as she blogs about her life's journey. Anni also tweets, and interacts with her fans on Twitter, Facebook, and all other social networks accessible from this website and others. Occasionally, Anni may publish her stories in a novel, graphic novel, audiobook, digital comics, animated web series, films, games, or other formats in the future.

Why do I want Anni Zola?   


All images CC-licensed by their respective owners. Original Flickr page available on click-through.


Have you ever read Harry Potter and wondered what it would be like if you could have a say in what Harry's future will be, or if you could create additional characters and write down and expand life stories of the various minor characters, and make them your own? Have you ever played Super Mario Galaxy and started sketching extra planets for him to go and explore, dreaming how fun it would be if your planet would actually be made for the next game? Have you ever smiled in satisfaction when your Twilight fanfiction becomes popular in fan forums, laughed in glee when other users rate your dancing to Super Junior highly, or swelled with pride when your custom-made Super Smash Bros. Brawl stage becomes a most popular download? The Anni Zola project is about making all those dreams come true and integrating all those wonderful experience together.

Closed and linear storytelling are replaced by open and rhizomatic storytelling made possible by the Open Web. Licensing problems are solved with Creative Commons. Quality control will be done by the other users, so only your favorite ones will be the most popular contributions. The Internet is a beautiful place, and with it comes a power we can and must harness to put smile in more faces, shines in more eyes, and opportunities to more minds. This is a world in your hands. Seize it!

Who are the creators of Anni Zola? What is the idea behind it? 

Anni Zola is created by Generation Z, LLC, a company based in Los Angeles. To learn more about them and their vision, you can visit the company's website by clicking here.

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Anni Zola and its logo are trademarks of Generation Z. Except otherwise noted, all media and content belong to Anni Zola. Some rights reserved.