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I am a dog lover and have 3 dogs. I have always had a dog in my life....

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STOP PUPPY MILLS!!!! by doglover4evr




Hello. My name is Lian Honkoski, I am a Civic Academy activist. I have been working on this project for about 4 years. I have always loved dogs my whole life. When i was about nine, I learned about Puppy Mills and soon knew I had to do everything in my power to stop it. I did my civics project last year on this project. Every dog deserves to be treated like a loved and cherished pet. Dogs should be walked daily, fed well, and given love and attention. Their whole world should not be a cage that they can barely stand up in and spinning around all day. Most puppy mill dogs spend their whole lives in a cage and have never had a human touch or love, been walked or felt the wind in their face. Some dogs have even had to have a leg amputated from being cramped in one position, lack of exercise and/or depletion of calcium from over breeding. Puppy Mill dogs can be made to sit and live in their own filth. There are so many dogs packed into a small cage it is inhumane and heartbreaking. All dogs should have appropriate veterinary care. Most puppy mill owners give their dogs little or no medical care. This results in dogs being sick from over breeding, infection, and diseases that are spread easily because there is no sanitation. This means that a lot of the dogs sold in pet stores may be sick. These dogs are normally put down if it is obvious to the breeder that the dog is sick. No puppy should be separated from its mother before 8 weeks of age. Puppy mill owners separate puppies from the mother at six weeks of age. No dog should be beaten, have their vocal cords cut, or teeth removed- breeders beat a dog if they aren't performing up to task or refuse to breed. Dogs have their vocal cords cut out because the breeders don't want to hear the dogs cries of pain or barking. The dogs teeth are removed, so the breeder has less of a chance of being bitten. Most of the time there is not enough food to go around in a puppy mill-this causes dog fights. All dogs deserve clean water and a comfortable place to sleep. Puppy mills usually have only dirty water for their dogs and the dogs sleep in a cage outside with no protection from the elements. All dogs deserve to be pampered, loved and treated well. Puppy mill dogs are treated like merchandise, they have only two purposes-to breed-making as much money as possible for the owner. When the dogs can no longer produce puppies they are either shipped to another mill, killed (breeders consider this the humane way and in a way, it is.this is probably the most compassionate thing they have done for the dogs) or are abandoned to fend for themselves. I feel incredibly passionate about this cause and want all dogs to be treated like the loved pets they are, rather then like merchandise. If we reduce how many people buy from puppy mills, it would follow that more people would adopt from a rescue or the shelter. Over 4 million dogs are being put down yearly because they do not have homes. Unfortunately puppy mills are not illegal, however if people stop buying puppy mill dogs they will eventually go out of business!! Animals are innocent creatures and if we let this abuse happen- what type of society does that show we are? Until that day that puppy mills are illegal we will continue our fight against them. What I did to change this is I went to rallies, created a website, contacted people, informed people on what is happening, made fan pages on facebook and hung posters averting my website. My goal is to not only stop this abuse and have all pet stores humane, but to give all dog the loving home they deserve. I also want people to adopt their dogs from a shelter,rescue,or pound rather than online or a pet store.I would also want to bring as much awareness as I can on this subject.


Animal Rights

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niraj I love dogs
10 years, 1 month ago | reply | report
sophia Iam glad that you have told me about the poor pups. I feel really bad for
them! I am going to try to help them.

10 years, 2 months ago | reply | report
ani This is incredibly sad. I had no idea those cute dogs at the fancy pet
stores are being mistreated. Good job Lian.

10 years, 8 months ago | reply | report
jazzy Lian, you are so awesome, i cant express this is words. We both in the
civics, and thanku for being a great civic sis to mwa!!! :D

10 years, 8 months ago | reply | report
bonni07 Lian, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I love dogs too and I didn't
know of this before. Your actions are admirable, I will do the best I can to
help on the cause! I just joined the FB page btw.

10 years, 8 months ago | reply | report

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