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Im a 12 year old girl with a love for music, sports and reading.

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The Volunteering Team by jazzy


The Volunteer Team



About The Volunteering Team

My friends and I attend the Civics Academy at Millikan Middle School in Sherman Oaks and as a class project we decided to upgrade the ladies room at a church which has always been...well..... open and welcoming. To get the basic idea of the church, I took pictures of the bathroom, because that was part of the church that wasn't the best. The ugly old pink paint was peeling off the walls and the table. The tiles had dirt caught in-between and the bathroom all together wasn't inviting. We defiantly thought this would be the perfect cleanup project. The first thing we did was find out how much money we would need for supplies, paint, and other beautification items. This turned out to be $150.00. To raise money, we baked chocolate chip cookies, sold lollipops and cupcakes at school. This project has made us all closer as friends and class mates. We are so glad that we were given this assignment together and we love the Civics Academy and Millikan. GO TURTLES!!!



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bonni07 Go Turtles! :D Is that your volunteering team's name? How many people are in
it? The church must be very happy to have you around!

10 years, 9 months ago | reply | report
ani You go girls! :-)
10 years, 9 months ago | reply | report

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