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Bonni Rambatan
Malang, Indonesia
I'm the guy who designed Anni Zola! :)

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Sun Bird
by bonni07

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bonni07 It's totally OK! It won't burn you or anything, it's just called the Sun Bird because of its color :)
8 years, 5 months ago on Sun Bird

marioian I wonder what happens if we touch it?
8 years, 6 months ago on Sun Bird

marioian voted on Sun Bird
8 years, 6 months ago

bonni07 Edible? LOL! It's protected, even killing it could get you in jail, let alone eating it. But yes, why not, it's edible :)
9 years ago on Cowdon

andigitu voted on Hypnopinky
9 years ago

andigitu voted on Cowdon
9 years ago

jazzy same here, but that cat kinda looks like my cat...but with wings. I also need to put my pics up still
9 years ago on Aircat

marioian voted on Aircat
9 years ago

bonni07 You're free to do so :) Add notes that it's still fan fiction. Just FYI, moderators may edit out parts of your description if we think it ..
9 years ago on Hypnopinky

chesire Well actually I'm thinking about a monster connected to Anni's flashback. Well I'll just play with my mind. May I? Of course I won't deman..
9 years ago on Hypnopinky

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