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Aircat by bonni07

About Aircat

Aircat, sometimes aerocat, is a solitary winged mammal capable of short distance glides and flights. It possesses a very long tail to maintain balance in the air. It comes in many colors and variations. It is quite a common animal in Orfean forests and have been known to make wonderful and loyal household pets.

Author's Notes

This is a sample animal. You can rate and vote for it but it cannot win.


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jazzy same here, but that cat kinda looks like my cat...but with wings. I also
need to put my pics up still

9 years, 4 months ago | reply | report

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chesire hmm... after looking at all of these drawings, I think this's the time for
me to create my own...

9 years, 4 months ago | reply | report
bonni07 Looking forward to seeing it! ;)
9 years, 4 months ago | report

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