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Hypnopinky by bonni07

About Hypnopinky

The hypnopinky is the characteristic inhabitant of the small, rocky, and mysterious Jyaravo Island in Orfea. It is a flightless, one-eyed, and very tall bird (taller than humans) covered in bright pink plumage. Defending itself with the power of hypnosis by stare, the hypnopinky is a curious creature that became the source of many island folklores. The hypnopinky is a rare and protected species.

Author's Notes

This is a sample animal. You can rate and vote for it but it cannot win.


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chesire Well actually I'm thinking about a monster connected to Anni's flashback.
Well I'll just play with my mind. May I? Of course I won't demand the
background must be used officially. You know...Just like a fanfic. May I?
(I'm worried if there's such limitation here and unintentionally break it...
awkward awkward)

8 years, 10 months ago | reply | report
bonni07 You're free to do so :) Add notes that it's still fan fiction. Just FYI,
moderators may edit out parts of your description if we think it may lead to
plot holes. But if it's a good story we'll keep it :) We're still writing
guidelines about this, you're pretty much ahead of us, but we're working on

8 years, 10 months ago | report
chesire hmm... good for hypnotherapy research development then. Btw can we make
really deep story background about each of our monster creation and link it
directly with Anni Zola chara? (smirking)

8 years, 10 months ago | reply | report
bonni07 Interesting question! Yes, you're allowed to link it with Anni but not
directly involving a plot, and but it won't be official until we declare so
:) Thanks for the valuable question, we're actually working on such schemes,
look out for our updates! ;)

8 years, 10 months ago | report

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