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Iaarahk by diakon

About Iaarahk

Iaraahks are one of ancient creatures that still survive in Orfea. Iaarahks seldom appear in front of human, so Iaarahks are considered as just a legend. Although Iaarahks look so creepy but actually the dragons are not as evil as people thought. They only ate small animals but never eaten human.

The dragons like listening to beautiful music, especially human's singing. Based on the legend, once upon a time, when ancient people gathered and held music festival, the beautiful songs attracted Iaarahks to come. However, Iaarahks' coming frightened the people and created chaos. Some people then attacked Iaarahks. The dragons also attacked human just for defending themselves.

The Iaarahks felt so sad because the beautiful songs were stopped. Since that time, Iaarahks decided not to appear in front of human anymore. However as the result, up to now, human consider Iaarahks as evil creatures.

But actually human is the evil one, because some of them like to hunt Iaarakh for their precious jewels on their wings.

Author's Notes

Hello everybody, finally I post my first work here. I made it long time ago, and I really want to share it with you. This is BETA VERSION, just wait for the color edition ^_^


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chesire Huh? Vote! (click click)
11 years ago | reply | report
bonni07 Anything wrong? Please contact us if the problem persists!
11 years ago | report
chesire Yosh Vote!
11 years ago | reply | report
diakon thank you,, just wait for my next creature,,,,
11 years ago | reply | report
pianyo waaaw di u're really sugoi!! i want of dragon lovers!1 vote for iaarahk nice
one >_<

11 years ago | reply | report
diakon wow, thank you for your votes and comment. I thought the colored version
would be better but it seems like I don't have to upload it..^^

11 years ago | reply | report
jazzy dude, this is amazing!!!! i love the details so much. you are amazing!!!
11 years ago | reply | report
marioian Amazing!!!
11 years ago | reply | report
ani Wow!!! Awesomeness! The last paragraph is my favorite...
11 years ago | reply | report
bonni07 Dude! This is awesome!
11 years ago | reply | report

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