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Horcats by diakon

About Horcats

size: just like a normal cat
weight: just as heavy as normal cats
weapons: horns (sometimes)
Food: small mammals (or any moving object smaller than him)

This little creature a bit more naughty than normal cats. but they are very fond of humans, especially those who like to play musical instruments. These animals love to dance when he heard music.
in the wild, they live in groups. using their golden horns to protect themselves from their enemies.
Nowadays Horcats rarely encountered in the wild, mostly hunted for their horns. people use it as a high valued craft material. In addition, because of its uniqueness (habit of dancing when he heard the music) they are often shown as one of the circus animals.

Author's Notes

Well... this creature was another one of my old work


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jazzy OMG!!! i luv it, its amazing, I would love to have a Horcat as my pet, my
cat might get scared but, they'd make great friends!!!! LUV IT

9 years, 3 months ago | reply | report
ani Beautiful!
9 years, 4 months ago | reply | report
chesire Waw, my twin! Long live the cats!
9 years, 4 months ago | reply | report

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