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Dragpink by elchi

About Dragpink

It's a kind of mute and a little bit aggresive monster. Lives in plateu or craters. It's rarely seen in daylight because it is a flying nocturnal animal which ate pinneaple.

Author's Notes

A little bit scary but it's harmless


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elchi just the look Ani haha.. once it becomes our friend, it will be a very loyal
pet. It likes a dry condition

9 years ago | reply | report
ani This does look mean! What weather conditions does it prefer?
9 years ago | reply | report
lia87 very good picture of the competition .. you better this ... xixixixixixi
9 years ago | reply | report
angel12 yes ... I'm drawing a beautiful .... xixixixixi
9 years ago | reply | report
atoxx This image pair lho y? really cool pictures dragred and dragpink ...
unfortunately not made the picture above ..

9 years ago | reply | report
bayexz almost equal to that today ... but I wonder .. because there dragred mate ..
9 years ago | reply | report
r3y44s This pair of images dragred yes? suitable for cople shirt design ....

9 years ago | reply | report

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