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Im a 12 year old girl with a love for music, sports and reading.

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Larta by jazzy

About Larta

Larta helps people get through their troubles, guides them over hurdles. She has this ability because of the star antenae at the top of her head. She's the best animal to trust!

Author's Notes

I drew this on paper, marker and pencil colors.


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cassie luv it..... everyone should vote for you
10 years, 11 months ago | reply | report
jazzy she is. meep is like beep but with a m
11 years ago | reply | report
ani What kind of sound is 'meeps'? Sounds like a great buddy to have around.
11 years ago | reply | report
jazzy kinda. it does that and it meeps
11 years ago | reply | report
bonni07 Yeah me too :) Though I'd imagine it'd be kinda ticklish to have it around
me! :P Does it squeak like a mouse?

11 years ago | reply | report
angie i really like your picturure jazzy <3333
11 years ago | reply | report
jazzy Its really tiny and about the size of a mouse on a computer.
11 years ago | reply | report
marioian It's pretty cute. But... how big is it?
11 years ago | reply | report

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