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Chimiru by marioian

About Chimiru

This animal likes to eat sweets, especially chocolate. It makes a cute pet and loves to be cuddled. It can be found in cold places.

Author's Notes

This creature was made for my mom's birthday card, and she loved it. So I decided to share it on Anni Zola :)


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aringayatri cute XD!
8 years, 11 months ago | reply | report
jazzy cool, it looks like one of my stuffed animals(thats a compliment) i still
need to put my pics up, but i guess its a competion..=]

9 years ago | reply | report
chesire may I hug it?
9 years ago | reply | report
marioian of course! :) it will love it
9 years ago | report
ani I love the one strand of hair. Is the tip of the tail sharp? Adorable!
9 years ago | reply | report
marioian yeah, it's his only weapon if attacked
9 years ago | report
bonni07 This is really really cute! I love it! :)
9 years ago | reply | report
chesire Uwaaaaa? Like Nodame's costume
9 years ago | reply | report
marioian who's nodame?
9 years ago | report

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