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Anni Zola's Botanica -- Build the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Village!

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How to get the most from Botanica

Botanica is a game with a mission to build the ultimate eco-friendly village. To do this,
it is better to work together with your friends to save money and buy village infrastructures.

As your village levels up and gets cleaner, you will unlock new shops, characters, and animals, all of which would contribute to a fun experience in Botanica!


In Botanica, just as in the rest of the Anni Zola universe, the currency used is called 'Mana', sometimes written as Mn or with this symbol on the left.

There are several ways to earn Mana:

  1. Let's start with the most obvious: sell the products of your trees to the Fruit Market!
  2. By taking good care of your tree. Check your tree frequently. Trimming your tree will earn you points, while allowing it to dry or letting fruits rot on your tree will deduce your points.
  3. Sell random gifts. Aside from fruits, sometimes animals and people will give you objects they don't need, which you can sell for a small amount of money.
  4. Invite friends. Rather than selling all fruits and gifts you have, why not save some to give to friends? You will get 500Mn for each friend that accepts the gift and starts playing Botanica!
  5. Donate to our cause. Botanica in cooperation with Tree People accepts donations in the form of dollars to plant trees. For every dollar donated we will give you a generous 1000Mn as a thank you.
  6. Collect annizola.com EXPs. Did you know you can convert experience points (EXP) from annizola.com into Mana? It's true! Click here to find out more.
  7. Going Pro. By subscribing to our Pro membership you will earn money twice faster than regular members. Click here to find out more.


Of course! As a part of the Anni Zola narrative, Botanica has its fair share of mysterious creatures, secret characters, and hidden events to unlock, all of which contribute to the main Anni Zola arc. Talk to villagers often, and check your village at various times of day and various days in the week You never know what piece of valuable information you might get!

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