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Anni Zola : The Story -- Read About Anni Zola's Adventures on the Fantasy Planet of Orfea in the Yoomee Galaxy

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Hey guys! Checked out my new CD yet? What do you think?! It’s my first ever and I am sooo excited about it! It’s called My Story, and not only that it turned out to be a great product that I can be really proud of for years to come, but also that I get to work with awesome people, too!

First up, let me tell you about Maxso. He’s a 12-year-old boy from your planet, Earth, who I got to work with for the song I Trust Myself. He’s a really awesome person and I got to learn a lot about Earth from him. He shares a lot of my concern for the environment—which is one of the reasons why I think he’s so cool—and we were more than eager to spread the message out even more. Working with him was easy and we had sooooo much fun!

I’m also really happy to see that people are joining my website and taking part in my Challenges! In the CD, I get to feature artworks from several creative kids from Earth, and they were awesome! There were elchi, marioian, jazzy, gabby, diakon, and pianyo, who submitted a total of eighteen creature designs for my universe. I included ten of them in the CD, and you can view the rest on my website. Be sure to check them out!

There were also a couple of kids who sent in musical contributions, both of which I am really happy to have included in the CD. There was 9-year-old Magaly Becerra, who sent in a poem called Let’s Dream Together, and 13-year-old Caroline Hawthorne, who sent in an adaptation of Share My Dream. I loooooved their lyrics!

Down here in Orfea, things are also getting really exciting. My classes have finished and I will be graduating from Doria Music School this summer. And also, guess what? I have been called in for an interview for the OFLP grant!!

OFLP, as you may know, is short for Orfean Future Leaders Program. It’s a program by the Orfean Government in which they give out grants in the form of financial and technical aids to five people per year who can come up with the most innovative projects. The funding is up to five years. The projects can be scientific or artistic, and of course socially-oriented. It’s what I plan on doing after finishing this music high school.

What I proposed was something I called “Singing Out! A Humanitarian Musical Adventure”. In it, I put myself up as a singer-songwriter with a mission. My mission is to travel the galaxy and see places and cultures, and in each planet I visit, I will do projects and performances with the local inhabitants of the alien planets—musical performances that will make a difference in their lives, that will raise awareness of issues the locals are going through. I will also broadcast my songs and experiences in all technological formats possible, because I do hope to inspire a lot of people!

Right now, I’m really crossing my fingers that I will get the grant. I will be sure to let you know! Look forward to my upcoming adventures! ;)

(To be continued...)

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